December 31st, 2001

Daniel Moody

You're not happy with the way I am, Turn around baby and don't look back!

I hate sites with personals and "profiles".

I have got addicted to Out In The UK at the moment. There is an American version of the site here and International here

There is always loads of guys I find that are really cute and hot, but everyone has...

no fats
no femmes
no blacks/yellows/greens/orange/whites/pink
no shorts

everything on their profiles, about what type of guy they are looking for!

Nobody is into my type of person in the world ever! I am just me, lots of different things, I am not one thing. I am more fem than butch, but not 100% fem, or 100% anything. I am more fat than thin. I guess in the real world there is people who would date me/ sleep with me (under 40 - as I seem to attract men over 50).

Profiles get me depressed, and if I contact someone from them, with exception to a few really awesome friends I have met, most of them are boring and don't seem to be able to hold a conversation!

I cannot stand people who cannot seem to be able to chat! I seem to be asking all the questions. How are you? fine So did you have a good christmas? ok god almighty! (I guess they are under the same brand of gormless people, as people who say "a/s/l?" when you have an entire info page of information about yourself.

I always get "are you really gay?" which normally leads to me saying something incredibly sarcastic like "no I just write it, because I like having people send me hate messages all the time, lol" I don't think they get it.

I guess really everyone on profiles/personals is really looking for sex (I look for friendship the most), and have to have their 100% perfect muscular man with no brains or personality at all.

Fuck them, fuck them all. I am me, and I will find my own people that I like!

I am sorry I will try to act butcher and straighter for you

Respect me for who I am now
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