December 30th, 2001

Daniel's Hair

World Exclusive

As everyone (well Sara and Jenn) is posting their baby pics, here is mine...

When I Was Young

I have no idea who old I was then, but I scanned it ages ago and cannot be arsed to edit it smaller (you know my phobia about graphics programmes lol), so click the link to see it ;)
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Great Journeying Part.1

There is some posts on my journal, I keep meaning to write about and keep forgetting argh!

On the 22nd November, we arranged (/forced) to go to my fag hag Miss Catherine's house! (she really should update her journal somewhat). I do not like going in cars and I do not like going out, I feel worse and panicky, etc etc.

This was the plan....

The Plan

1. Stuart (Catherine's Fiance) picked me up in their car (with Miss Cath) and we go to her house. It is about 10 mins away.
2. do stuff in her house
3. Stu / my father drives me home.

I had never met Stuart before (although had spoken on the phone and chatted via webcam lol). Men scare me and all of Catherine's boyfriends in the past have hated me (true fact).

So on the morning of the 22nd, got a mobile text message and their car had collapsed in the night and broke. Catherine asked what "white witch spell" I had cast to cancel the next day lol. It was strange, I kindda wanted to go but also didn't.

The night before, I had like not been able to sleep at all, I had been really nervous all night and had difficulty (I always sleep like a log although I go to be like at 3am most nights argh).

The whole thing was postponed to the Thursday afterwards (29th Nov).

On Wed 28th Nov, Catherine phone/texted and said it would have to be today, cos something had come up the next day. This was like Wednesday 3pm lol. I was still not ready or anything and had like 10 mins to get ready before they arrived at 4pm, by the time I was off the phone. I had to do everything, make up, hair in 10 mins lol

It was strange going though Ealing again (not in my Dad's car this time) and all the areas that were still being repaired after the bomb.

Got to Catherine's house and Stuart stayed over a while, looked at photos and watched her engagement party video hehe :)

Stu went off home to do stuff, and Catherine & I went across the road to a big BP gargage near her house. BP have really changed their service station shops. This one has EVERYTHING in it. I swear! wine shop/ coffee shop / supermarket/ toliets/ interent cafe - everything! We brought a Indian meal to eat later on.

They have these cool internet terminals which I really wanted to use, but you put it in 10p for 1min or soemthing and it kept rejectign my coins grrr! I wanted to take a pic and put on the net (they have a touch screen and a little camera too hehe).

We went back and ate and had fun. Went on the net there and did various things. Played awesome boardgames hehe.

I did not panic at all and coped with it all. I got there about 4:30pm and my dad collected me at 11pm.

That was the first time I had been in that house for like 5 years! It's pretty scary and had a good time. Although when I got home I felt really unwell, like bad headache and really tired, I guess I overdid it a bit. but it was worth it :)

I have to say for legal reasons that Stuart is very good looking and is very good at driving and parking ;))

I guess the experience taught me that I can cope with far more than I think I can really and this was a fun time not like a chore.

More journeying details in the next part... wake up now!
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Things To Do When Drunk #2424556

Catherine put all the people from "Guess Who?" in order of how attractive they are LOL! and Eric was apparently the sexiest ;)

Guess Who, Mastermind and Animal Crackers/Smackers weird thing are such awesome games! (although animal shit breaks your hand)