December 8th, 2001

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The Secret Of Live Journal

yes I have found the secret!
If I log in when America is asleep then everything works so well and soooo fast! It is shockingly amazing. I nearly fainted going to my friends page and it instantly coming up ;)

Although it does mean I have to wake up before 12pm LOL
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Secret Gift Poll

I cannot decide which computer game to buy my friend for Christmas. I have decided to buy her a fun simulation game for her computer ;) She is on my friends list but is blocked from reading this entry ;))

Which ever game gets the most votes, is the one that I will buy her, as I cannot decide!!

Poll #12493 Friends's Gift

What computer game should I buy my friend for Christmas?

The Sim's Collectors Edition Includes The Sims (original) and Livin' It Up (expansion pack) Cost
Microsoft Zoo Tycoon I downloaded the demo and it seems really cool but could get bored of it. Cost
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Christmas Poll

good lord a new poll, it must be a miracle! Gone are the weekly poll days lol

Poll #12494 Christmas Decorations

When do you normally put your decorations up for Christmas?

Honey I have decorations up ALL year round!
July (ish)
More than 4 weeks before Christmas
3 weeks before Christmas
2 weeks before Christmas
1 week before Christmas
the NIGHT before Christmas
I cannot be arsed with any decorations at all
I am against the whole Christmas festival so choose not to celebrate it, in anyway at all
I do not celebrate Christmas in my religion/country