December 2nd, 2001

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I am still awake and being very naughty!
I am still on the phone to Rich again, and parents are away to Berlin until late Monday night.
I really should go to sleep sometime ;)
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Pizzzza- Time!

Ordered a pizza, well several goodies from Pizza Hut UK Online and waiting for it to come.... yum yum so hungry.

They told me it was would take an hour and not 45mins because they only have one oven working as the other has broken down and they have some chaos in the shop. I had these visions of a oven blowing up and someone yelling "whatever you do save the ice cream freezer" lol

She's gonna blow!
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as soon as I get into one of the programmes for the first time in 5 years the channel goes! LOL Rich sent me a screen shot of their goodbye message, so decided to post it in a FTP uploading frenzy ;)
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