November 25th, 2001

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*decision of the day* I want to grow an entire forest of marijuana plants in my bedroom, it would be fun! I am inspired by Rachel

I don't even get stoned, but still wanna ;) I could make hemp clothing!
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New Personal Record!

The phone bill came though a week ago and I got killed as normal, but I made a new personal record for longest phone call! woooooo

Calling Rich on the 25th and 29th August....

Phone Bill

Before that I had only been on the phone for 4 hours! lol I don't exactly remember how we spent 5 hours on the phone. I think we were both really drunk or something. I do remember that on the first call, we were falling asleep at the end, and we were both on beds with the telephone on our ear, but not holding it, saying a word like once every 5mins LOL!

I do use the telephone way too much but oh well, friendship and communication is far more important dahhhling!

I can never call someone for a short amount of time, I always talk and talk and talk!
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Daniel & Ze Doggy

I'm an Art-iste!

The picture of my phone bill in the last entry is truly amazing, I edited the graphics myself!! can you believe it?? I am really bad and pass out when I open a graphics programme lol. I am so bad at art stuff, but I cropped the image and made smaller and made the edges jagged!

Good lord I actually made something!
Just call me Picasso dahhhhling
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