November 20th, 2001

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Tori Interview

Especially for Ken and Mary and everyone else...

I was searching online for this gay magazine Attitude cos they botched up my subscription to them for next year and found no online presence for their publishers grrrr, they used to have a website part of the old pay MSN group argh. Anyway I found the really good Tori Amos interview online!

It's here from the September 2001 magazine. They asked people to send in questions for the next month's guest, it's a really good idea! Sadly there is no pictures on the page, but at least its quicker than my lazy scanning in! LOL

love love love
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Ripped Off

My bastard credit card company charged me £18 today for paying a bill 3 days late! Thats $25.55 and 29.99 grrrr!

I always pay the bill on time and am a very good boy (that's such a lie in spending terms), and this is the first time I got a bank charge waaaaaaaah!

I guess that teaches me a lesson for next time, always pay 7 days before the day they say, to allow to clear ;)
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