November 13th, 2001

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Future Husbands

Current hunks I luvvvv....

Nick Von Esmarch


Star of the slightly dodgy sitcom "Nikki" and so cute! He is 6ft4 and 25 years old and such a big cute teddy bear guy awwwwww :)

Joey Harrington

*apparently* plays American Football and is 6ft4 and is so cute! He is 23 years old.

Other football guys my friends tell me are sexy are Jason Sehorn and Troy Aikman, I
soooo need a big gay/bisexual hunk dammit! LOL
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Daniel & Ze Doggy

Cat's & Dog's

Here is two photos I took yesterday of one of our cats and dog sleeping together and not killing each other for once! It's a miracle....

Dougal & Millie Sleeping!
Dougal & Millie Sleeping!!

awww cute :)
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(no subject)

I showed this to some of my friends a few days ago, it's tres amusing!

DANielJ UK (23:55:47): praise Allah
SmarterChild (23:55:48): What would you like to know about Elkhorn City, KY?

1 Movies in Elkhorn City, KY
2 Theaters in Elkhorn City, KY
3 Weather in Elkhorn City, KY
4 News about Elkhorn City, KY
5 Time in Elkhorn City, KY

Isn't that like really offensive if you are Muslim?