November 10th, 2001

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I love British Satire

joke I heard last night and is going around at the moment.....

In the UK, the Harry Potter new movie is called "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" as in the title of the first book, but in America the title has been changed to "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ". I guess they have to remove the long complicated words for different audiences LOL

God knows why they really released it under different names, I guess most movies have different titles.

I still find the whole Harry Potter thing WAY overrated, and most of the ideas in the books, are copied from other things in the past I am sure.

Some if the ideas are taken from old books, such as "the worst witch" which is a brilliant TV series here, and someone is even suing J.K Rowling at the moment for plagiarism, saying that she wrote books with almost exact names and stories 15 years ago (the books are now out of print). I wonder if she will win her case, she is re-releasing her books now, to show but some of the content is almost identical ,eg...

The American ladies original books are called "Larry Potter" and her name is Nancy Stouffer, comparisons....

Muggle: what wizards call non-magic humans (Rowling); little people who care for orphans (Stouffer)
Lily Potter (Rowling); Lilly Potter (Stouffer)
Keeper of the Keys (Rowling); Keeper of the Gardens (Stouffer)
Nimbus: a broomstick (Rowling); character who rides through the air on a horse (Stouffer)

Stouffer's 13 books were written in the 80's, WAY before Rowling.

The BBC article about it is here.

I think that it was copied, because some of the stuff is just too identical. I mean people in the past have sued authors for plagiarism, but then they are just trying to cause a stir and get media attention, but this is way too similar!

Anyway will see what happens with Rowling, but I still am not that keen on Harry Potter, (then again I have not read a whole book yet or seen the film).
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