November 7th, 2001

Daniel Moody

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real life text message (sms) conversation from my mobile phone today..

(anonymous friend):- How are you feeling today, more cheery?
my reply:- I wish I was dead
(friend):- honey you're always so optimistic when you have the flu!

LOL will I ever get my voice back?

Actually it is kindda good for me to have the flu, because before I never used to get sick whilst having ME/ CFS which is bad, because it means that your immune system is too weak and tired to show any symptoms and now it is :)
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I'm Queer, I'm Here, Get used to it baybee

The hot yet pastille coloured Ellen did this survey, which I stole....

Am I Gay? (from the burly adventurer site)

We think you are Gay and we are 99.94% confident with our answer I have it on a relatively good authority that someday the gays will inherit the earth. This makes me think I should be nicer to them.

It amuses me that my straight friends are arguing comparing their gay test results from still! God its like how good they are, how high their percentage is.

Being gay is not a game honey, it's all about the gay-i-tude!
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Last Chance To Vote!

link of the week:

EMA's 2001!

The MTV European Music Awards are tomorrow, 8th November, from Frankfurt, Germany and the link of the week, is that you can vote for them before hand! The is less than a day to go, and the voting closes at 12pm GMT on Thursday. All awards are voted by people except Best Video and Free Your Mind award (to a charity). The awards are in a different city in Europe each year.

You can vote, by going to the MTV UK site and clicking the EMA banner. Each area of the old Europe MTV has their own regional MTV and awards. If you vote on the MTV UK site, you get the regional award for UK and Ireland, and if you want to vote in that category for Italian or French or Nordic etc etc, go to the International MTV sites and choose your country from there.

Vote now, for your fave artist to win, or you might regret it and be forced to murder Britney Spears ;)