November 5th, 2001

Daniel Moody

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Still suffering from the flu and feeling even worse! grrrr

I personally feel that I invented the word 'kyra-mobile' grrr! LOL only kidding luv, but I do call your car that :-)

My parents brought me wellington boots today, lol weird
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Pigeon Poetry

Kyra wanted poetry to massage her ego ;)

I am sure that I invented the Kyra-Mobile name dammit!!

(Kyra is pronounced Keera) dahhhhhling)

there was a girl called Kyra
who spent lots of Italian Lira
she brought so much stuff
and was in such a rush
she totally missed the bus!

my poetry is so brilliant :))
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There is people on Live Journal who have entirely fake journals. Some of my friends have fictional journals that they write as well as their own. Sometime they say on the userinfo page that the journal is fictional or normally it is creative writing - but like the internet with people with made up lives and fake photos, there is people who have entirely fake journals that they try to pass off as their own, its bizarre! False life, false photos.

I don't think I have ever lied about anything about myself online to anyone, but then I am way too truthful and open with people which is a bit stupid too. I think Catherine and I sometimes go into dodgy chat rooms drunk with fake identities for fun lol.

But anyway not really about the fake journal personalities on here, something else is fake.

The Sci-Fi channel had a project during the last week called The Mazehouse.TV. It was a project about a house in Northamptonshire called "The Mazehouse". The website came first and then during last week there was a couple of 5min programmes a day. The aim was to find evidence of supernatural or anything in the house, as many strange things have occurred. Mostly it was looking at Electro Magnetic Fields.

It had a big website with webcams and all sorts of things and downloads.

Anyway when the live broadcasts started it was kindda strange, and they had this psychic there who was really like a moody bitch. Loads of various stuff happened and then on Halloween there was a live broadcast from 11:55pm. Basically the members of the team got "possessed" and there was a message at the end saying "error with transmission". Sci fi then admitted it was all fiction. (it was really obvious from like a day before).

Sci fi now say on the website it was for a reason...

"At its most basic level, has hopefully been an entertaining, interactive experience for those that wanted to get involved. On another level, it has allowed us to gauge how interested people are in the paranormal while creating an open forum for you to discuss your own paranormal beliefs and experiences."

Apparently more than 10,000 people registered to the site and they did survey people to the site. From this they want people to say what they think should happen. Should there be a real investigation in the future, or some kind of UK interactive paranormal site.

Some people are mad that its fiction and pissed at the station, but I think it was really showing what we believe in, and how interested people are in things we don't understand.

I think the show was entertaining, and the final images of one of the scientists in a attic room, sort of "possessed" and doing all these strange positions on the floor, with loads of broken stuff around, was quite visually sticking in your mind. Although the acting was slightly lame.

The ghostwatchlive site which was live in the Tower of London last week was genuine, although their live Internet broadcast was crap. I don't know of anyone who could connect or see a thing. Crappy Quicktime, who the hell choose that for streaming argh. But some images were taken and are gonna be put on the net.

The grand-daddy of them all was BBC's Ghostwatch. Now stored in some BBC storage bunker some place, it is banned. So many people remember it from their UK childhood and one person afterwards hanged themselves! It was really scary, and set up like a real live event with big name tv hosts. I will write about it sometime, but it has never ever been shown again, or released on video! (people sell copies on ebay for LOADS).

I think that something set up like a real event is so much scarier than a horror movie. The Blair Witch Project is freaky and you never see anything, although it's fiction!

~ fear of fiction ~

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