October 25th, 2001

Daniel's Hair


Usher is so sweet and cute! awwww
He has little puppy dog eyes and is so cute :)
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Talking to Sarah & Sara before they go to their halloween masquerade ball....

DANielJ UK (23:28:47): i wanna go as a mormon chick
DANielJ UK (23:28:53): and then rip off my clothes, and become a diva
DANielJ UK (23:28:59): its a 2in1 costume

god bless my costuming ideas!

I wanna be a Power Puff girl for Halloween, but which? bubbles, buttercup or blossom?
I just wanna go as someone on ectasy, good plan!

I am gonna have a Trick-n-Treatin' webcam on Hallowe'en :)
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Kyra sent me this story...
'Gaydar' device clears up mixed signals

It's really funny and the bit that amused me at the end,,,,

...lesbian comedian Kate Clinton concedes "I would insist on the vibrating function,"

oh my god, she is so me! I want a vibrating phone ;) I am so jealous Catherine dahhhling! If I had one, I would phone myself all the time quite frankly LOL

Join my campaign to make Kyra bring her journal back!

Apologies for not being able to stop posting in my journal in the last 15 mins LOL ;)
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