October 22nd, 2001

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Street's Of London

So I did go to the hospital today in the end, even though I was depressed yesterday and pissed off. Yesterday night I searched Google Groups though news and found some posts from people with my illness who had been to that hospital and said it was not that helpful. They said it was good, but did not get too much out of it.

The Professor I was seeing in that clinic is a international expert in HIV/AIDS and my illness for some bizarre reason! They are not really linked at all. I looked him up online and he has been in loads of media.

I had to wake up at like 6am to go there! ARGH and went in the car. It was funny parking in this rip off car park, nearby there was 3 coffee chain shops together (how do they make a profit, they are always next to each other!) and one of them was a Starbucks which reminded me of JT!

The hospital is pretty cool, it's called St Bartholomew's Hospital and it's the oldest in the UK! It has a amazing history and it's own museum! It first opened in 1123 with King Henry 1, but the first physician started in 1562! Isn't that a bit scary? Also apparently it was the first hospital in the country to offer mega-voltage radiotherapy for cancer patients.

Outside the main doors to the hospital (it has been rebuilt several times since, as my friend pointed out, honey, I thought even the NHS had fairly modern services lol. It has better equipment and nicer than the hospitals around here!) Anyway outside the doors was a plaque where William Wallace who was the guy in the movie Braveheart was shot dead! He was captured in Scotland and forced down to London and died horrifically, he was hung, drawn and quartered and finally shot outside the hospital! Such celebrities dahhhling lol

Hospital Website

The clinic was so nice, but really strange! Half was M.E/ CFS and the other was AIDS / HIV. There was loads of gay stuff around which amused me. They had like drinks and stuff for free lol! God hospitals around Ealing never have free coffee! When we were leaving there was loads of like gorgeous guys waiting in the clinic and this women who looked so gay! She was really butch hehe. But I don't think today was a hiv /sex diseases clinic.

It was good to see a specialist in my illness, he wants me to see a Dr of Psychology in my local area, to look at Anxiety/Panic first, which is quite good idea. He is good.
I have to go back there in one year.

Then came home hehe! It's cold but sooo sunny today :)

They scary thing is that it was the furthest I have been from my house since 1996!!
It was about one hour away.

That area of London was really nice, there is loads of old buildings and medieval streets and stuff. Really narrow streets. The hospital is in buildings all around, it's huge!

Going home we went though loads of London, There is so many people walking around , different people, all different sizes and looks, and they are probably so interesting. I should become a anthropologist one day. I guess I saw loads of interesting stuff in London that I had not seen for years.

I went though my town and it is still boarded up a lot from the bomb months ago! I thought it would be 100% fine now. The pub near it has re opened, but some shops are totally damaged! There is still blown of signs and logos of shops. I guess things take longer to get back to normal than you think.

I am so exhausted now , I just wanna sleep. I guess it was good really, and really my town is outside London, London is so different to my town, so busy. Now I wanna go shopping! LOL

oooh I saw an amazing thing, there is loads of tourist buses and stuff, but there is this amazing Water Frog thing. It looked like a van going along , all shaped like a frog (my dad pointed it out to me), and apparently it drives along and goes though the river too! It's like a car/boat, but not a Hovercraft, which are now extinct for public travelling!

Now I wanna go and sleep, I have a headache :)
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