October 21st, 2001

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She's A Bitch!

Special shout out to that gorgeous Ken and some Björk news for you...

Bjork appears topless in new video Bjork is featured topless in her new video. It accompanies her new single Pagan Poetry. There is also an act of body-piercing. "If anybody is squeamish they should avoid the last 20 seconds" apparently.

So music channels will probably show this video even less than the last one! MTV Europe used to show Björk a lot, but I guess MTV UK & Ireland is just lame. The video is on björk.com. If you have a faster connection than my dial-up modem! grrrr (note- I want cable modems in my area, I want cable modems in my area, etc).

Tonight on Channel 4, they had the Top Ten of Bitches. I forgot the exact order and stuff but consisted of:- Kate O'Mara, Joan Collins, Miss Piggy, Cindy Beale (Eastenders), Stephanie Beacham, a evil character from a 1990 UK mini series called "The Lives and Loves of a She Devil", Kim Tate (Emmerdale) {I think that name is right}, and the top 3 that I remember are.....

(All positions were voted by people on the channels website earlier in the year. You could nominate one "bitch" and this is the most popular).

#3 - Sybil Fawlty (Fawlty Towers)
#2 - Dorian Green (Birds Of A Feather)

#1 - duuuuh Anne Robinson of course!

paragraph history of Anne:- She did various media jobs and wrote in many Fleet Street papers for years but mostly The Mirror, owned by Robert Maxwell. She did all her TV work with the BBC. She presented a programme for YEARS called "Points of View". It allowed people to write in with compliants basically about BBC TV and Radio, and she presented it for like 15 years. It is like still on for 15mins every Sunday. She joined a show called Watchdog, which is the BBC's consumer programme and was the host for years. She was brilliant especially asking questions at AOL and stuff! She was strict! She is not like on the weakest link though it is a caricature. The Weakest Link started as a tiny programme on BBC2 every weeknight at 5pm, with her as host, which was surprising with her as a host. At first there was complaints about her headmistress approach. but then it turned huge!! There is BBC prime time episodes with double money, and the USA series. She still presented Watchdog doing the first series in America, but quit now and the show has turned majorly crap. The male host is not strong at all, he does not ask the right questions for people with problems with that "company" etc.

The weekday Weakest Link has a minimum amount of £20 in the chain and has a lot less money, also the contestants write on oval cards with pen and hold up names. The prime time one has minimum of £50 I think and has the writing boxes in the podiums. (which the USA is based on). The UK one has so much less money than America! People never win more than £6,000 here, ever really (but they could).

I love it when they have a disabled wheelchair bound contestant and they have a tiny little podium ;) They showed on this bitch countdown, Anne on Points of View in 1984, she had long hair! and she was talking about a letter someone wrote in about animal cruelty on a programme and she replied, "I really hate animals being harmed as well". it was so different to now! I guess it's a really surprise BBC hit.

They showed all the Weakest Link hosts thoughout the world. (I love the Australia women, Cornelia Frances, she is a wonderful bitchy actor before that, I wish they showed the OZ version). All the hosts are female with red hair and are "stern", except Ireland that has some old man LOL.

The BBC must have made so much £££ out of the show!

Everyone needs a bitch! Except some of the definitions in the Top 10 are a bit strange. Not every strong women is automatically "a bitch".

Ta Ra

(P.S~ I love the way Weakest Link USA has this big long disclaimer at the end of the show! LOL)
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Conspiracy Theory

On Channel 5 last week there was a interesting programme all about Tutankhamun's tomb.

Basically Egyptologist Gerald O'Farrell had a theory that Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered eight years earlier than Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon claimed, and that in this time, they removed some of the priceless treasures.

The documentary was based on a book he wrote about this.

I always have a open mind about everything, but this documentary was largely dreadful. There was beautiful Egyptian filming, but it was all done in the first person. A actor pretended to be Lord Carnarvon and said things like "when I found the tomb", and then flashed back to modern day people about this theory. It was extremely bizarre in this first person.

But there is a big problem with this theory. Basically Gerald O'Farrell says they made a tunnel in and removed everything from the tomb to sell illegally off, and then sealed up and made a big entrance. Interesting idea, making the British adventurers seem bad, but there is one thing left out. If all this stuff was stolen, how come when the tomb was revealed there was all his stuff in it? It was full of gold and amazing things.

I do agree with one thing he said however, that the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the British Museum, did get some of their Egyptian collection on the black market. So much of the things from the tombs was stolen and sold off illegally, before the Egyptian government could catalogue stuff.

There is a website about the programme and a online chat he did here. Notice that nothing was asked about what was found or left. In the programme it seemed to imply, everything was stolen from it. Maybe he is just trying to discredit Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon.

If you wanna read his book it's:- The Tutankhamun Deception - Gerald O'Farrell (Sidgwick & Jackson £18.99). Apparently the book is interesting.