October 12th, 2001

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shit on the radio

It's National Coming Out Day, in America, but so not here! LOL. As the BBC advert says, staying in, is the new going out!. Admittedly this is about Friday nights TV but I live in the closet.

I cannot stop saying Girl.... you got it going' on! which is really annoying, and I said it to my mother the other day hehe. I think I have watched too many Jenny Jones makeovers.

I felt angry a lot today, I dunno why!

It's so strange it's one month since 11th September 2001!
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Jobs Vacant

I know that last entry was past the last day, but it still counts dammit! damn time zones lol.

I am soooo out! well not really.

Kyra needs a job in NJ, which is not retail! If you have any suggestions yell at her journal!

Jobs that are out are... (my brilliant suggestions)

- prostitute
- drag king
- zoo keeper
- selling goat rides to kids (apparently goats dislike this)
- vets
- walking dogs/ feeding cats
- working the traditional McDonalds / fast food drive thru
- drug dealer

that's all my ideas gone! LOL