October 9th, 2001

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The Parcel

I got a parcel today from Puerto Rico!

It did not contain anything illegal lol
My friend who lives there, who got married off the net, said that he had some old computer games and books and stuff, and sent them all to me!

cool :)

It's so rainy, and windy and stormy here for the last two days. gotta love this country!
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God Bless The Reliability Of Cable

We have no TV in the house at all! ARRRRRGGHGHH

We don't have a normal aerial connection and the cable TV and radio is down, and has been since 12pm today. Fortunately the phone is working ,and so can live on the Internet LOL

God people need TV so badly, families start going crazy!

Cable repairer coming tomorrow, but it's more of a network thing. grrrr
I only hope I can survive :)
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Daniel's Hair

New Day, New Hair!

Changed my hair colour *again*. Allegedly I am now Blush Blond which is strange, cos I am sure that is not even a real known colour! lol

It led to hilarious conversations between me and Miss Catherine , including...

Fuck it's turning orange!
I have more chemicals in my hair than most of Afghanistan!
ARGH it's like a bloodbath!
(washing red dye out of Catherine's hair).

Glance at the persistently dreadful pictures below.....

no blood was lost in the dying!
Is it possible to go any lighter?
I only wish I knew the colour of my hair!
No animals were harmed in the making of our crescendo of colour!
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