September 24th, 2001

Daniel Moody

The Butcher's Wife

At 9:30am my brother woke me up and told me there was a nurse downstairs. I wake up like about 10ish, I guess cos I keep going to bed at 3am lol.

My Dr's had to do a liver test to check it was still working and stuff, and said they would arrange a blood test, but thy never told us a day/time etc.

The nurse was so crap at it! I swear I am used to every test known to man now, and she claims she could not find a vein. I always though that if it is hard to find a vein it's cos I am fat, but apparently it has nothing to do with it. Each person is different. No one else has ever had problems finding a vein before!

So anyway she tried in both my arms and failed. So I had bleeding points that she plastered and said sorry "luv" and then walked off saying the Dr will have to come and do it.

Apparently the Dr was pissed she messed up, but guess what? Who has MEGA purple bruises all over their arms.

The nurse was a distract area nurse but I suspect although she is fully trained, her normal lines of work don't include taking people blood.

Yell if I should get a webcam pic of my purple arm lol!

Fag hag extrodanaire Catherine, resigned from work ,cos she is sick of kids being sick on her for so little money lol.

Anway in this *posh, private* nursery, the assitants are called Miss *first name*, eg Miss Catherine and there is a girl called Miss Claudeen. God that is the best name! If I ever become a dragqueen I would choose that name LOL
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