September 22nd, 2001

Daniel Moody

I'm A Loser Baby...

Watching *Nsync on BBC's new kids The Saturday Show this morning, they had a live interview with them from Kentucky. They were asked, "What do you think about Britain getting the Euro or keeping the £ Pound? There were all like "dunno" (basically cos if they did not say what their record company briefed them of, they would be spanked), but they said keep the pound. I guess their fans aren't really over the age of 16, but I do find them hot sometimes, but it's a stupid thing to say really, given that in 6 months most of their music will be sold in Euro's in Europe lol.

I had a really crap Wednesday. There is still flu going around this house, and there is big weather changes in the UK and everyone seems to be sick! It's suddenly cold horrid depressing Winter lol. God Autumn only starts officially today.

Anyway my parents said I could cancel the hospital crap on Thursday. But that made me more depressed, like I am a loser and a failure. I phoned up and tried to cancel this appointment and they would not let me, which I find entirely stupid. Surely then people will just not turn up and then there will be new news stories about how much it cost's the NHS (National Health Service) in cancelled appointments a year. In the end my mum phoned up and spoke to the phone biatch.

I think they are doing this to persuade me to go to a hospital clinic which specialises in my illness. They got a referral, but there is a waiting list of a year! (possibly cos it's alleged that 1 in 4 absences in people under 21 is cos of my illness- which freaks me out!). The Hospital is the other side of London and I think it would be impossible for me to get there.

Also I don't personally see what I will get out of it. It's not a instant healing centre and talking to people who go and reading books, it's nothing you cannot find out on the net at organisations. It's not a cure. Just ideas and etc. Some of the clinics have a much darker side, suggesting "enforced exercise" and electric shock treatment, will "shake someone out of it". Some Dr's have proved this to be far worse for people.

It amazes me this century, some people are practically tortured in clinics!

Anyway so it was a crap day, I cried a lot and had the flu and had pains, and it was bad. But Thurs and Fri were better. Now I am just worried that no one is looking at my seizure stuff, but my own Dr (GP) put me on the medicine for them, so I dunno why I have to keep going to a Neurology Consultant. Last time I saw him he was rude and had no understanding on my illness whatsoever, and I guess he is just interested in brains. He said stuff about losing weight and etc, and my GP last Monday when he visited, said something completly different. I am over-weight, but I am not increasing in weight, it is static, and he was saying that it would be hard to exercise at the moment. I would have to like cut down food, but I lovvvvve food, I guess I am happy really at the moment.

I hate hospitals, they just do more and more to search for something. I guess I should be pleased I don't have anything wrong, like scissors left in my stomach or something.

I wrote my interests seriously finally ;) I stole some from Kenster, cos we have exactly the same interests in everything, which is freaky lol. If you know me and I have left off some vital thing about me, yell at me. I always go blank when trying to think what I like lol.

The weekend has so started....
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Poll. 2

Well I was gonna make my poll monthly, but decided to make it weekly, cos a./ it makes me look more intelligent b./ it takes up more journal entries and make me look like I have a interesting life LOL

In my first poll, which is here 80% of voters thought that there needs to be more fire safety in modern buildings, whatever their modern style and design. (I was not saying the WTC was unsafe, it had passed all safety tests, but should there have been outside fire escapes somewhat?

The polls never close, so you can vote in them whenever you want, and you can change your answer too. (you gotta have a livejournal to vote, sorry, so you cannot vote twice...)

Ok next poll, in a discussion I was having with friends about life in high school, we were talking about bullying. This leads to poll.2......

Poll #5319 Bullying

Who are the worse bullies in general?

BOYS - they have to prove how physical and masculine they are!
GIRLS - they are bitchy and back stabbing!
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(no subject)

I got Brian Molko *weep*. I am sure he is as lovely rockstar, but I am not sexually attracted to him, maybe I am too much like him lol.

Dang+ I want a good rockstar. At least I didn't get Marilyn *snicker*

+ note the use of Americanism, I am still trying to drop in American slang and annoy Kyra ;)
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Funniest Joke

My lovely friend Debs told me the most hilarious joke today. (she's single straight boys, and always available *LOL*).

She made it up and made me laugh loads and I personally think it's the funniest joke I have heard this year!

Where I live in West London is called "Ealing".

Q./ How is Ealing life? is it really like that Marvin Gaye song?
I was like huh???
A./ Sexual Ealing

It had me laughing for hours!

The funny thing is when I told Sister Kyra, she said ...
lovely kyra:- I knew the answer, i'm so clever.
me:- you have a icq over 400 dear
gorgeous ky:- ICQ?
me:- iq doh!

which was amusing too. I think I am high on tea and cannot stop posting in my journal today!
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