September 21st, 2001

Daniel & Ze Doggy

Millionaire SHOCK

Yes amazing news story shock today!

The 3rd Million winner of the UK Who Want's To Be a Millionaire is being investigated!

Millionaire winner investigated over 'coughing cheat'
BBC Version

Basically the story is that when the final question came up, somebody coughed in the audience three times, which was the correct answer choice. No one saw this during filming, only in editing. The show has been postponed whilst the police investigate it.
The shock of show rigging - WILL IT ALL NEVER END?

I say switch to BBC for the Weakest Link LOL. The guy who is allegedly cheating though, his family has won loads of stuff and money in the past! very strange.
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Beaten By A Girl

Last night I played battleships on yahoo with Sarah and was beaten twice :(

Of course it was naturally luck ;)

I was so beaten by a girl, although I am probably more feminine than her, although she has bigger Chelsea's lol luv ya
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