September 12th, 2001

Daniel & Ze Doggy

Vanishing Landscapes

It's really shocking and weird for everyone today with America.
I was watching my favourite soap and it finished at 2:10pm and then BBC said there was as NEWS FLASH. I was thinking to myself, god the Queen Mother has died. I am sure she is gonna go anytime now. She is 101!

Anyway it was about the first tower of the World Trade Centre. It's really weird that both towers are now gone, demolished from the landscape! I hope that the death rate is not too high argh. All channels had news running and most normal programmes were cancelled here.

The BBC showed some country, I dunno where, perhaps Afghanistan? and people were celebrating at America being bombed. I found it sick. there was children of 5 years old having a party. I have never lived in a war, but I don't think people in England cheered when Berlin was destroyed and stuff, or did they?

It was all very well planned though, and it just seemed like a sorta fictional pierce, the planes in the towers!

It must have been so horrid if you were in the towers, and the worst scene was someone jumping out of floor number 80 or something :(

Bush is such a idiot! His first speech surrounded by children, and reading off screens, probably in BIG WRITING. I predicted his next speech would be around farmyard animals, like baby lambs and piglets, e.g. "look at the pretty little animals, not at me, animals" hehehe

I just know Bush is gonna start a war sometime argh!

Danielle wrote...

i was actually thinking in history yesterday about how the end of the world couldn't be now, it wouldn't be so soon.

although you've probably already seen this...
"The third big war will begin when the big city is burning"- Nostradamus 1654

oh, and people in the space station could see the smoke over the Northeast US.

I forgot about Nostradamus! Everything he predicted has come true, although the timings have been out , but then the modern calendars have changed in recent centuries.

He also said that this war, would be started by a 3rd "anti christ" (the first two being Napoleon and Hitler), and he would be from Egypt. It used to freak me out when I was younger, cos he would been alive and growing up whilst I was in high school!

He also predicted that aliens would be on TV here before 2000, so that has not happened yet, but maybe the timings are just out.
The whole American thing was really freaky, and was predicted!

As I said to someone today,

"You should move here, to the UK, it's much safer, at least only you're local shopping centre gets bombed!"

lol just kidding :)

I think it was quite a shock for America, as it has promoted itself to all it's citizens as being the best, the strongest etc, and now it shows weakness.

Terrorists always get court in the end! (well unless they have killed themselves in planes)
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I emailed two old school friends and it was nice to get replies.
One person already knows I am gay, but the other does not. She may have suspected in high school though but dunno. Should I come out to her or not?

If I do, she might tell everyone from my school but why would I care? that is past history. I guess I am just scared that I will be walking down the street and someone says faggot just randomly to me. I do think that I am ashamed to be gay, well not ashamed but not accepted it in myself, although I like guys!

If I don't come out to her, I am hiding secrets of my life now and have to keep making sure my e-mail signature does not have my journal or homepage in!

I have asked people during the day, but if you wanna give me your views, comment/e-mail/tell me sometime on the various messaging progs I use.

I am just scared I suppose.
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