September 6th, 2001

Daniel's Hair


Happy Birthday to ironmanjt

You don't look a day over 40, errrr 21 :)
Happy 30th! and hope you win the stripping competition!

Parents are back, still exhausted. I have post traumatic stress, I am exhausted after they return lol.
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Video Music Awards

The Video Music Awards are on tonight. Well like 2am my time. I always record them live before they can edit them.

It's sad they used to be so cool, but in recent years, a bit crap. I think that if you hype something a lot, then you will always be disappointed. Maybe I am just not in with the "american music" or something .

The MTV Europe Music Awards are pretty cool. New country/city each year,and viewers vote for everything! I find it very odd that still awards are voted by "committees". eg the Oscars. That is hardly an award for a film, by some nameless old men. The EMA's are in Frankfurt, Germany this year.

How many people this year will...

- say "these awards are so different, thats why they are my favourite"
- do something surprising or something just to get media attention (and no one will ever have heard of them again by 12 months later).
- various MTV US presents saying "now over to the red carpet, or to the crowd, look at all the fans", when is like 5 people around them.

Last year reading online, people were mad at the awards, that there was bad camera work and everything. It goes out to billions of people worldwide.

Maybe there is way too many awards ceremonies? Are any of them actually important?

I still like the VMA's though, and wait for them each year.

The Metropolitan Opera House in NYC looks gorgeous. I hate the Radio City Music Hall location, cos it opens right onto a main street, with no space. Although its supposed to be really famous in history etc.

As Alanis Morissette once said, and is so true...
"It's far more a honour to be nominated for a award than to win, because you have been picked in a group of 4/5 out of millions! The winner of that group is 1 out of 5." She did win everything at the time though anyway.
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