September 4th, 2001

Daniel & Ze Doggy

The Final Day

My parents and brother return tomorrow lunchtime, from the other side of the world.
Today was the last day and my last night alone, and I survived, which I did not think I would do!

I was in a cleaning frenzy today lol I can get way to compulsive sometimes but not all the time.

In my UK gay magazine that I get "Attitude", they have a interview with Tori Amos and ask questions that people sent in. Seeing as every lesbian friend I know loves her, if you want me to scan the pages in yell. although I am crap at scanning. It is like 4/5 pages long. They keep playing her new video on VH-1 UK

I was upset about this news story today.

It is about Anne Heche getting married, and how she was insane for most of her life and was crazy with Ellen. It was not very nice. They were so good together. She did not slag off Ellen really, but went on about it was a big mistake. The interview is for a American TV show to promote her new autobiography, but could she just be saying stuff to sell the book?

Victoria Beckham (posh)'s book is out in a few weeks. A autobiography at the age of 24! It talks about she had eating disorders etc etc *snore*.

I am sooooo tired today I just wanna go and sleep :) zzzzzz
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