August 29th, 2001

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MTV UK is having another * Text Week* which seems to now be every week. Every show is like people texting in stuff with mobile phones, eg competitions, messages at the bottom of the screen. etc. I am not sure what MTV gets out of it. I mean if they have a premium line competition, they get money from it, but text messages make them no money, just the people texting pay something.

There are signs on the screen saying "text *0#" if you do not want us to keep your details", so they probably sell mobile numbers or something.

It's sad really, MTV USA is 20, and constantly has repeating programmes rarely showing music videos, and the UK version just shows constant shows of videos with no presenters. So anything that can have messages at the bottom, is a hit for them lol. Its so sad how it has become, and it amused me the number of people over the web slagging off MTV 20's birthday.

Today in a "Text Conference" (lame name I know), they had a British boy band called "Blue". They have had one hit so far. In this show people text in questions and someone texted this, live on air....

Lee, Would you sing acappella for me, cos I love to be serenaded. luv Jonny x

They saw this question and were asked it, and they laughed. They did not say anything offensive,but I thought they were rude! Their fan base is probably 90% gay, and I am sure now maybe people will not bother buying their stuff. Laughing like "ewww a man".

Well I am sure no one will have ever have heard of them in 1 year anyway, they have not had a strong presence yet.

Amusingly Victoria Beckham was singing at the weekend and her microphone fell off and she kept "singing" and was obviously miming. The press went insane here today cos she has her lip pierced, zzzzz. I cannot decide who is my worst spice girl, Geri or her. They both have crap voices, songs, and mime constantly. Although I think they may have sung live in the Spice Girls, now they are so like "plastic" eugh

Had a sleep over with my friend this weekend and got drunk on Baileys, or Baileys cheap non brand substitute LOL. It just made us sleepier and not wanna get up from the sofa hehe.
We had video sex with Catherine's Fiancee. Okay conferencing lol. I still hate going live on camera!
Cos he reads my journal, I have to say he is very good looking and has a cool homepage here hehe Can I steal your bubble machine now?

It was a good weekend really.

I got my bank account suspended again, with a wrong security question lol. It is so so embarrassing phoning up to get it "reset" and when they ask? "what is your username?" and you say shoppingqueen. It's been my Internet handle for years, but having to say it on the phone argh.

I saw "Earth Girls Are Easy", yesterday. It's so awesome! Big hair, slightly insane, and cheesy and a salon called Curl Up And Dye. God bless the 80's!

6 days to yada yada yada
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It's really strange about Aaliyah's death. I was eating my breakfast and saw it on a pop teen show on Sunday Morning I was watching! It like makes you get goose bumps and stuff, like shock!!

I didn't really like her music, well I mean I didn't really know it, like I cannot remember any titles now, but I am sure if I heard songs /saw videos I would recognize them. But it's sad :(

But it was really sad when I read this page

She had so much coming up in her life at 22! She had done 3 albums, and was gonna be in the Matrix sequels, and in a vampire film and lots of other stuff lined up!

Sarah wrote that her sales of her albums have increased with her death. There is so many artists who were bigger after dieing than before. Look at like Nirvana and stuff. I suppose if someone dies, then like you realise that they did good stuff, and you were never really interested before. I never knew Gladys Knight was her Aunt (by marriage)!

I hate they way that Nortorious BIG and tupac or whatever his name was, are glorified now. Maybe I am British and "just don't get it", but why is it such a sad day in music when a crack seller and addict who sampled endless songs to make his orginal work dies. It's sad he died for people who like Hip Hop, but it is way over hyped.

It's a shock whenever you hear in the media that someone you have heard of has died for whatever reason! I suppose any one dieing who you know something about, is a shock :(