August 18th, 2001

Daniel's Hair

Decisions, Decisions...

I cannot stop saying "becareful girl" to everyone and anyone at the moment, it's so annoying! argh

I brought a Jurassic Park DVD box set today, of movies 1 and 2 and the making of. I am trying to buy a DVD once a month.

I dunno why but I have always never bothered buying videos. I never understood the point in buying movies or tv programmes on video when you are so ripped off and it will be on tv sometime anyway. But now I think it is quite good. I still don't kinda understand people who buy every Farscape or Xena or Dr Who or Friends etc on Video/DVD. It is such a rip off! Well it is in the UK anyway. 2 episodes per video and like £10 ($15) per video.
I suppose if you want all the episodes without advert breaks and channel logos and stuff.

Big Decision:- In my Music Club that I belong to, I get a "choice of the month". I can reject or accept it and don't have to buy. This month is Jennifer Lopez's new album. I cannot decide to buy or not argh. I liked her first album, but hated her first single from this second album, which sounded exactly like Brandy-n-Monica "the boy is mine" and allegedly recently , a backing singer is suing her saying that she did most of the main vocals on the album. ARGH I cannot decide to buy or not!

Even more decisions, Pizza Hut or Domino's pizza tonight :)

Everyone keeps phoning me, checking I am okay, its sweet lol. I am fine, but not had a mental breakdown yet dear. Everyone can phone me

It's raining in the UK - how am I supposed to get the washing dry! I am turning into such a house wife! ARGH

8 days till the return of the Kyra
17 days to the return of my parents
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