August 9th, 2001

Daniel Moody

If You Took A Holiday (You Know You Really Need It Baby!)

Most amusing thing I have seen today...

Jenn you HAVE TO, do the "Keep Your Flora Flowering: How to Have a Healthy Vagina!" workshop. It just way amuses me too much! I bet they don't let any gay boi's in who giggle! Sexism in America today grrrr.

Kyra pack dahhhhling pack! I am so gonna have to phone you hourly in Germany so strange Melanie does not drive you insane! LOL You gonna end up German line-dancing I just know it!

There is a funky little show in the UK, at 10am each day, and I remember to watch it, if I am conscious at that point in time, called "The Wright Stuff". They debate on recent issues and stuff.

Hilarious today. "Does George W Bush take too much holiday?" Apparently so far in his term, he has taken 42% holiday! Way more than Blair or possibly any world leader. he says he needs it to "relax and contemplate" . In the UK everyone working should get at least 4 weeks holiday a year, and apparently most people don't take it, compared to Americans. The UK is strange it has the least number of public holidays of any country in like the world! Largely due the fact it's not catholic, so many days are not kept.

One hilarious caller phoned in and said, "Isn't it better for him on holiday, for the sake of the world?" LOL Made me laugh during tea and eating toast.

I hope he had a nice month in his Texas Ranch. Do you think he has rodeos and stuff? ;)
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