August 8th, 2001

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Mariah Carey in therapy? - must be the silicon going to her head

I wondered about writing friends only passworded entries, but feel it is pointless. Some of my friends do not have a liveljournal account and if something is sad or depressing or person, I may as well just write it outright.

I am so stressed out this evening, I dunno why! I had a good day and watched Sleepy Hollow again, but tonight like everyone talking to me annoyed me, or everyone was in my way argh. Now I feel like my head will explode at any minute.

My parents go away on Sunday for 3 weeks with my brother to New Zealand, I am stressed about that as well. I feel like I can never cope with anything. I suppose it is just my bad anxiety/sickness/etc crap. I dunno how I will survive on my own. :(

I am gonna buy everything and shop online and everything. argh. I am sure I will survive, or like die 3 days into it, but then like no one will release for 3 weeks lol. Actually people will come over and phone etc crappiness.
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