August 4th, 2001

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It Takes A Tribe

ARGH my friend is coming today to cut my hair!

She is this gorgeous Malaysian women, who looks 20 years younger than she actually is and is totally insane, but love her :)
I am gonna get KILLED when she sees my hair and past bleach fun lol.
I have 1.5 hours to totally repair my hair and roots lol I am so gonna get yelled at *again*

The world turns
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Wash Those Men, Right Out Of You're Hair!

I survived, without being murdered!
She asked me "who did your highlights?" and I laughed and said I did it at home and I don't think she thought they were too bad, but gave me a lecture about mixing peroxide in your own home without hairdressers knowledge lol. My hair looks okay really.
Catherine remember, when we were doing it? "the fumes, the fumes, I cannot handle the fumes lol".

My hair is now shorter, and won't go behind my ears and will go over my eyes, but I like it though. will have to take a picture with my digital camera sometime!

I'm in Sarah's cast of characters in her daily life...

DANIEL: 22. lives in England. very gay, lol.

so true! hehe. I wonder if you are really really gay, in the end you become straight! LOL

It's raining raining raining again, and thunderstorming.

I spoke to Kyra on the phone, I have not phoned anyone in America for ages :) She is so fabulous

I did get shouted at my hairdresser in the end lol, but it was cool. She is really amazing. I attract eccentric and amazing people!

The BBC had a respective of Douglas Adams, its so sad, I forgot how good his work is :(
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Ealing Town

I meant to write another post, but forgot about the bomb in my town, so writing now :)

Loads of people phoned and wrote on Friday to see if we were okay, but me and my family are totally fine.

Here is everything what happened.....

I live in a town in West London called Ealing. It is a town with lots of families and is very green and nice. The centre of town is a shopping centre called "Ealing Broadway". It has one way roads though it, and a centre also (shopping mall to Americans dahhhlings).

There has been some bombs in the past, but this was bad!
At about 12am on Friday 3rd August it went off . Somebody around the corner from me ,said their house shook and they heard it, but we did not. There was reports on all news and radio channels live, but no pictures till the morning.

It's really quite scary though. The bomb was at the bottom of the road going
up to Ealing Broadway Train Station. There is a pub on the corner and on the other side of the road there is a Carphone Warehouse. The bomb was near the carphone warehouse. They think it may have been the real IRA.

Apparently Ealing Broadway is going to be closed for ages! The main streets are all smashed up and there was flames and gas leaks and a water leak during it. Also the whole Ealing Broadway centre is flooded. There was some camera footage of about 10 inches of water in all the corridors of
the actual shopping centre!!

It went off before 12am, and was targeted at the people coming out of the
club. fortunately only 7 people were injured and 4 are still in hospital.
The bomb was huge in the car and it was just all luck.

The really weird thing however is that my best friend Catherine was in it!
Her fiancé is a DJ and KJ (karaoke) and sometimes does a night at the pub on the corner. I think it's called "The Town House". I went to bed at about
2am, after watching the news and turned on my mobile phone to send her a text message and say "you weren't both there tonight were you?" and got a message saying they were there! but were okay.

At the pub was a karaoke competition that night he was doing, and it was being recorded with a camcorder. On the last song, this lady was singing when it happened outside and all the windows smashed. Stuart (Catherine's guy) took the microphone and said move away from the windows, is everyone okay and stuff. It was on all the news headlines today! He was called back at 6am for bbc and other media interviews and saw a bit of him. It must have been really scary, but funny he was on all the headlines. The camera recorded the big fireball and everything outside.

It was very scary for Ealing and not the first bomb! About the 3rd in 2 years, fortunately no one was really all that hurt and it did not go off as planned, or it could have been really nasty! dunno when Ealing will open again though.

Most of the central town is closed and still smashed up. Given the bomb size and everything it is a real miracle that no one was really hurt. In the post below about it, if you go to the BBC NEWS link, there is loads of info and pictures and video etc about the story. It's very shocking in your own town!!

No one has owned up to it yet but the police had a "coded warning" before it happened.

Ealing has a summer festival every year with comedy and jazz music and loads and that still went ahead and started today.

London is soooo dangerous, but at least everyone is okay :)
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