August 1st, 2001

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A Nation Of People

I looked up "exanimate" at and it means...

exanimate - to deprive of life or spirit, destitute of animation; spiritless; longer living; "a lifeless body"

That was sooo the wrong mood to choose LOL

I woke up today and realised I have the flu grrrr. My shoulders feel so heavy. I feel worse than I normally do. I wish I could oneday feel 100% well and normal for the whole day *sigh*. I keep cheerful and always survive.

A big headline and political issue in the UK today is that Louis Farrakhan the leader of the Nation of Islam is going to be allowered into the UK if he so wises, after a 15 year old ban. (Story Here)

I had never heard of him before ever ,but apparently he is extremely racist against whites and Jewish. He had said how he wants a state for all black people. But on the phone on TV today he denied that he incited violence deliberately.

Should people be banned for political views? I think that everyone should have their say, but its trouble causing. I always though that Malcolm X was a good person, but now I am afraid he was evil. Louis got the ban removed using new European rights laws about civil rights. Ironically these new laws have caused more problems than actually protecting people.

Louis is almost like a black Hitler.
I would HATE to live in a place with everyone the same. all gay or all white or all male. I need lots different people. The racists in the UK say that various people should be kicked out off this island. Curry is now the most popular dish in the UK, and I love it! It is amazing the influences that have been brought and the new and amazingly interesting stuff! English food is mostly so bland lol

I think that people are more outspoken in America, these idiots saying "gays are immoral" etc etc. That does not really happen here, not within the churches so much. Churches just try to ignore it.

It has been sooo hot in the UK so donate your air conditioners to me ;) But it is cooling down now.

Josh is so damn cute awww I am so immigrating to America oneday :)

At the weekend, I was watched "Sleepy Hallow" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". There were both cool. The version of 'Crouching' my parents hired was a crappy Americanised version which was dubbed. I wanted the original release with subtitles, cos I hate it when their lips move and the voice is different LOL It's soooo Pokemon!

My brother is staying the night with a friend on Sunday, but came to the front door and his head was bleeding! He was skateboarding and hit his head on a tree! My dad got anti-septic, but guess what happened next? We were sitting in the garden and Gareth (my brother) and his friends were standing there, and my dad was doing Gareth's head and his friend called Daniel who has his own car, fainted!! He fell back suddenly against all this garden shit. It was so scary. I thought he was gonna start fitting like me. (I sometimes have seizures, but apparently don't have epilepsy, my body is actually insane!)

Apparently if he sees blood he faints! He is not scared of it, it just happens!! That must happen to loads of people. It was odd for me to see what it was like, when I do it. I have not done it for ages though. Although he just fainted, and I shake and cannot remember anything when I wake up. He can so never be a Dr or a surgeon hehe

Will the whole world and Internet collapse after the Code Red worm reawakens tonight? I really doubt it, not everything uses Microsoft! The news media seem to love this story. I keep hearing about systems etc, but they are scaring people, its only a server winNT thing, all these news programmes are going on about no one is safe etc etc. Media always equals Sensationalism
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