July 28th, 2001

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Going to the shops around the corner from my house with my best friend Catherine a few weeks ago. Walking past this brand new patisserie type place (posh cafe luvs), there was a black guy in there with blond hair. I thought he looked cute. Blond hair on black is so gorgeous! [unless its a bad dye job]. I said to my friend, gorgeous black guy in there with bleached hair. He looked really camp, like thin with a sleeveless shirt. We walk on past and go to a few shops. In a chemist looking at hair dyes which were dramatically over-priced 200%, I went over to Catherine looking in the make up section and above it was these boxes. So I start reading the labels and scream out, "OH MY GOD VAGINIAL DOUCHES" it was a shock seeing them in the store just there above the makeup stand! lol

Going back we go past the cafe, and Catherine says "Oh my god, Ultra Naté is in there? I look in and say no way that is like the gorgeous guy, but going past he looks really ugly the second time! Life is strange lol.

Whenever we go out somewhere walking, we always get heckled, its really strange and odd, and dunno why! Only when she is with me lol

Sarah where have you gone?? (Sarah Pseudo dear). argh

Going to a park recently with Catherine and another gorgeous school friend Sarah [not sexy Sarah Pseudo), were sitting on a really hot day. These guys were playing golf in a section and loads of guys were shirtless! [god bless hot weather]. Catherine was on the phone to her fiancé again *snore* ;) and the group of cute shirtless guys walked past. I said to Sarah, "wouldn't it be funny if I wolf whistled , they are hot!" and whistled really quietly, but the wind carried the sound and they turned around LOL I died of embarrassment and luckily didn't get my head beaten in!

It's soooo hot in the UK argh heatwave! I wish we had Air Conditioning so much and a pool! and tranquilizers lol , no I wish I had them , I need them argh

The moral of the story is hot and sunny weather brings, cute shirtless guys, but also means you die of heat ;)
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