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July 22nd, 2001 - Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops — LiveJournal
I don't have to justify myself to you

My cable phoneline keeps going down and it is driving me insane! I could not get on the net all of friday night and some of today. There was no dialtone. We just use that for the internet, but what happens if that is your own main line, the only line in the house?
There was some major problems in London or something apparently. Also lost TV whenever it had major moments on stuff I wanted to see.

It is sad about the riots in the G8 Conference and stuff. Although I agree with protests and marches that have a reason, and the ones against Mr Bush, the anti-capitalist ones are strange. They had them in London a few months ago and my Polish friend said "send them to Russia for a while to see the post effects of Communism", which did amuse me. The people just seem to cause trouble. There are people who from protest to protest just to make riots! I don't really understand the point on making a point at a protest if you are hiding your face and smashing a building in!

I watched American Beauty for the first time on video today ,everyone has seen it but me! I watched the first half with bad tracking at the top and it made peoples heads look insane, it was so annoying! Then my brother comes and says "try it from channel 10, to 9" and it was perfect! ARGH. It is a good film and has a good message about America. I now really hate people who are like ex-military or present and are republican. No one should judge someones sexuality or if they can have an abortion. Surely its someones own choice.

People I have known who have grown up in really strict families have rebelled the most, become punks with loads of piercings or whatever. They rebel more to piss of the parents. My parents were very liberal and I did not do anything really ,except my brother is a ickle out of control really now.

I saw some of Jurassic Park as well, such a good movie. It proves that you can have acting and plot and special effects. Unlike Star Wars Ep1. I dunno why but I feel all warm inside at the Jurassic Park Visitors Centre before it all goes insane. The whole like themepark thing. Maybe I am just insane. The book is better than the film ,but the film is pretty good ;)

It is really hurtful when you log into a different AIM account and see some people have ignored you on your normal one and are now online! It really hurts, you think "they hate you, and don't wanna speak" ARGH. I don't have anyone on ignore at the moment.

I miss Kyra to talk too, although she is gone a weekend and I probably extremely annoy her all the time argh, I have Kyra-Addiction™ :)

Current Mood: good good

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The show has now been pitched to MGM, and the site got LOADS of visitors, check out the site still to read about the show if you wish, although they no longer urgently need visitors :)

From a friend who owns whoosh.org....


Alexandra (Aphrodite in Xena:WP) Tydings and Claudia Christian (Babylon-5) need our help. They are pitching a kick-hinder action-adventure TV show to MGM on Tuesday July 24 (it was originally for Thursday before, but it was rescheduled).

Their pitch is a time travel show called Hourglass. There are two critical things about this show: (1) it is about TWO WOMEN having adventures side by side (sound familiar?) -- not a woman and her MALE sidekick or not a guy and his feisty female sidekick; and (2) it is being created by women -- not some guys who thought it would be cool to have a female hero, etc etc). They got their foot in the door. What can we do to help? Go to their website (http://www.hourglass1.com/) right NOW. They want to get as many visitors as possible before the meeting on Thursday to show MGM that (1) there is interest in two women helming an action-adventure-fantasy show, (2) there is interest in Tydings and Christian doing such a show, and (3) that there is interest in doing a time travel show (okay I am a geek, I looove time travel shows and it is painful to watch 7 Days...okay???).

We love our action-adventures, and we love them MORE when they are intelligent women doing intelligent but fun action-adventurey things.ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLICK RIGHT HERE. You can look at the site or not. It's fun. But the important thing is that this is a vote you can make to show MGM that chicks do not need male sidekicks...we want some chicks to have chick sidekicks. Anyways, please, this is a time where WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

So help out these ladies and allow ourselves to get some quality kick-hinder shows! Click away. Please.
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