July 7th, 2001

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Meeting IRL

Meet Up Picture

Finally scanned some photos. This picture is when I met some people from the net! I always said I would never meet anyone from the net, felt too unwell and also scared lol. But they drugged me. I am on the left and then Rich and Michelle, and you can see my bedroom as well.

and I was not kidnapped or murdered lol

It's still so hot, even though we have thunderstorms, well we had yesterday

My Uncle is coming to stay tomorrow till Monday. Then he is flying to Botswana to live with his wife, not sure when we will see him again after that.

I felt really angry all day. Maybe I just had a bad day and etc.
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Broken Pictures

the pic I put in the last Journal Entry is behaving really oddly and is broken for some people and me, it's really odd.

Looking into it, I now find that Geocities won't let you link files from places outside Geocities (Why won't my files load when I try to link to them outside of GeoCities?)

God Yahoo really is so dreadful these days.
Geocities used to be soo cool, like 5 years ago :)
{picture now works}
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