June 28th, 2001

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It's time for your 3am appointment

ooooh we have now found out the hospital details!

apparently last week my brother went to the Dr, and has a hernia! (I had two when I was little), and is having a operation next week.

It's all VERY strange, he did all this without telling anyone, I think it shocked my parents. He said he was very embarrassed about that "area" and stuff. It's much faster to do the operation and stuff than "my day".

really odd thing, I suppose he doesn't tell them anything really now these days.

I lost my watch somewhere around the house for 3 days, but found it under a chair that I never sit in! I lose everything for periods of time and then find them again!

It's still so hot in the UK, we have a heat wave, there should be thunderstorms and stuff but nothing so far!

I must go to bed earlier, I keep going to bed and falling asleep with the lights on and everything hehe.

Ta Ra For Now
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