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Survivor vs Big Brother

I do not understand how come Survivor in the UK does so badly, where as the American version did so well! Last year in the US , Big Brother flopped and Survivor did really well. Whilst in the UK last year BB was HUGE and this year is huge too.

When Survivor started here, all the papers said it was the best thing ever, yet now it has hardly any viewers. I watch it but not every ep, and its just kindda boring, Everything is pre filmed, and I am not sure what it is that it lacks! Some say it is the expensive American style kindda roaming cameras shots or there is not enough about how had it is living there. Big Brother is so much better and wuv it!

The American big brother this year sounds as crap as last year. It's totally different from the original Dutch format and god just use the original style and it would be better grrr.

I don't think that Survivor will be coming back last year, as £10million was spent on it and it gets about 4million viewers per show, when it was meant to get 12million.

I think that UK and US shows should never try and do each other. god think of the extremely bad copy of the Golden Girls "the Brighton belles" or the US version of Men Behaving Badly, it should be made illegal LOL

I watch way too much TV!

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Big Brother 2 UK
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