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Today's TV Choices

Home & Away (Five, 6pm) - The dead ghost of Ailsa, tells Alf to start pushing people the stairs, bless!

The Nanny (LivingTV, 3:45pm) - In yesterdays episode Fran and Maxwell went to Paris and on the way back the plane started crashing and Fran and Maxwell kissed and realised they were in love! *gasp* Part Two is today! Me & Rich or should that be Richard & I, decided that The Nanny only works cos of Fran, everything else is so bad, like the scripts etc. I am still really addicted and in love with it. I just love big hair and people with funny voices!

Seven Wonders of the Industrial World (BBC2, 9pm) - Final instalment of this really good series. I am sure a book and DVD and other rip off stuff will be out soon! The final story, is the story of the building of the Panama Canal, which I know nothing about so will learn! This is what the TV listings says about it...
"Series about modern architectural wonders looks at the triumph of engineering that was the Panama Canal, completed in 1914 after 35 years of struggle and the deaths of at least 20,000 men, including its designer, Ferdinand de Lesseps. Theodore Roosevelt and his engineer John Stevens finished the job just before World War One broke out, in which the canal played an important strategic role."

Michael Moore (The Biography Channel, 9pm) - I would be watching this if I had the Biography Channel but I am not bitter about it at all! lol

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