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Fucky Fuck

I was having problems with my webcam software so decided to uninstall it today and reinstall. Most software when you uninstall keeps your files, like email files or your settings/preferences.

Unfortunately uninstalling it deleted my cam archive of all my old webcam pics for the last 2 years! I am really annoyed about it, because there was so much crazy shit in there lol. In the last year or so, camspot has been backing up my images when I upload them to the net, but its often down/broken/dodgy and still I have lost a lot :(

I wish there was a "undo" button in windows. I tried system restore and the software was back, but my archive folder was empty :( ugh!

Its my own fault really for not backing it up! I wish there was a quick undo button in life, where you can go back 10 mins or so.

So apart from photos that I have uploaded to livejournal or that are on camspot, I have lost all my pics :(
Fortunately all digital cam pics are in a different folder, and I kept meaning to remove my cam archive away from there.

I guess you can easily look back at your mistakes afterwards!
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