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Today's TV Choices

wow I have been doing this for a week now, and no one has tried to murder me yet ;)

Kenyon Confronts (BBC1, 7:30pm) - Another scary show about hospital standards and how they are run. It's all about appalling standards of cleaning and care, bad hospital design and bad planning. The episode is gonna do reconstructions using the cast of Holby City and Art Malik. more info on the website

Jason and the Argonauts Revealed (Five, 9pm) - new theories and ideas about the myth of Jason, and whether it was taken from a real historical person. Shows clips and parts of the classic wonderful film as part of it ;)

The Silence of the Lambs (Five, 10pm) - I was arguing with a friend via text message if this film is still as shocking as it once was, in these times. It's still the best Hannibal film, and also the only one I have ever seen lol. Everytime I watch it, I think of the brilliant spoof by French and Saunders, its still a really good film and the guy going around eating everyone is based on 3 famous real American criminals! imdb listing

One Life - A New Life For Delise (BBC1, 10:35pm) - One Life is a new strand from BBC1, the idea is that its like a lifestyle magazine with different real life stories on the pages. The first programme was about a 12 year old girl with her own camcorder, journaling her life living with her alcoholic mother. Last week was about Caroline, who is a dwarf and finding her dream man and tonight's is all about Delise. Delise is a eight year old girl who had a rare form of cancer which destroyed both her kidneys and in the show tonight, her mother gives her a kidney for replacement. Apparently it really makes you cry, so make sure you have tissues at the ready (for the crying duh!). I like real life things and it does bring attention to people in situations, but my only fear is, is it like "look at the freak!" etc. I don't think it crosses that line, but it feels like each week is a new freak on parade. show website

Finally this is a reminder for me really ,cos I keep forgetting to watch it!
Bangkok Haunted (SciFi, 12am) - Thai horror movie, with English subtitles. It has 3 different ghost stories about 3 different women in Bangkok. The final story is directed by the creator of infamous horror film (which I have never seen) The Eye (not the crappy American version) imdb entry

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