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TV choice of the day

Home & Away (Five, 6pm) Alf starts seeing Ailsa his dead wife around. I think its a brilliant way to bring back a old character who was killed off, for a while ;) show website

Holiday: you call the shots (BBC1, 7:30pm) - this is my fave ever holiday show and is such a brilliant idea. The idea is thus, they announce a destination and ask viewers to text/email and phone in tips and fave places they have been too. Then they have a show from the city, a week later with all peoples fave hotels / entertainment / eating places. They have been to so many cities, and the best thing is that they save all the tips on a website, so its great when you wanna go away! This week they are going to the formally British, Hong Kong! show website

Dogma (Channel4, 10pm) - I had no interest at all in seeing this film, but just found out Alanis Morissette plays God in it, so might actually watch it now! imdb entry

Showdown in Little Tokyo (Five, 10:45pm) - This movie has is always slammed as being crap and a bad movie and I admit it is racist in their portrayal of Asians but I have this movie on DVD and Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Lee get shirtless and look hot a lot, what more can I ask for? Brandon Lee went on to film The Crow years later and died after accidentally getting shot during the making of it :( imdb entry
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