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TV choice of the day

Top of the Pops (BBC1, 7:30pm) - Black Eyed Peas are still UK number one, and on the show live again yey! I still have my Black Eyed Peas addiction! Also on the show are Texas and others

Dead Like Me (Sky One, 9pm) - It's the coolest new show on tv, and the third episode in the UK, plus everyone loves George! I love it. This is the coolest review I have ever seen of it right here

Sex and the City (Channel4, 10pm) - Geri Halliwell "guest stars" for a whole 5 seconds and everyone realises she should never ever act again ;)

Monkey (Channel4, 1:35am) - Yey its Monkey! The coolest old dodgily dubbed Japanese TV masterpiece that has every graced our screens :)
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