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TV choice of the day

nearly all today's choices are on at the same time, which will cause some problems lol....

Canterbury Tales (BBC1, 9pm) - its the forth tale The Sea Captain's Tale tonight. I did The Wife Of Bath in college, and nearly went insane doing it for like 6 months argh! Its also the only one I remember. This modern version of the tale is told though a Indian family involving, gangsters, shopping, money and seducing! My only complaint is that why does anything on television in the UK involving Asian Communities have the same Asian actors. There is 8 actors who do every single show! They are good actors, but Om Puri is in everything! Can't we have some new Asian faces? I'm going though a Bollywood film and Bhangra music phase, there is so many beautiful Bollywood hunks

Seven Wonders of the Industrial World (BBC2, 9pm) - this series is really good and last week was about America's transcontinental pacific railroad. Today's is about the London sewers. They were put in by Joseph Bazalgette mid 19th century when everyone was dying of Cholera etc. Interesting fact, Sir Joseph's great grandson Peter Bazalgette is the chairman of half of one of the world's biggest TV companies Endemol, who make Big Brother, The Salon, Changing Rooms, Fame Academy, etc etc etc.

Joe Millionaire (UK Premiere on E4, 9pm) - I really want to see this, American darlings, is it worth watching it? He is so sexy and didn't he do p0rn or something?

The Salon - late night (Channel4, 11:05pm) - It's The Salon and its late at night, what more can I ask for? It will have breasts, nudity, z list celebrities and more amazing afro transformations! I still want to see asymmetrical 'shroom before I die!

That is all, move along now, move along!

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