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I'm having a bad day!

I'm having a really bad day today so far ugh!

so far....

o I have lost my Orange mobile phone sim card! I only use it to forward and leave free voicemail with friends, but left it out on the top of my desk and its vanished! argh its probably been vaccumed up by the cleaner today argh!! I will search further for it later.

o the kitchen is leaking and water is coming from somewhere above! my mother who is home today is cleaning it but yet still has not phoned a plumber!

o I looked up my address and now I cannot get broadband in my area! I cannot get a cable modem or adsl, my phone number, and address now says.....

Your exchange has broadband ADSL. However, the length of the telephone line between you and the exchange is too long for broadband ADSL.

why suddenly am I too far away? I don't even know where my local exchange building is!
ugh oh crappy days!

I need broadband!
and cheap escorts!

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