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7 days later

It's exactly one week since my dog died :( He died at 1am last Thursday night/ Friday morning. Its all so weird. I do think I have got better over the week, but I don't think I will ever get over missing him :( I took some photos of him when he was dead in the basket. I felt so sickened doing it at the time. My father said he looked like he was just sleeping and he did look like he was just about to wake up at any moment, but yet he never would again.

I am really glad I took the photos now and have them on the card in my digital camera. I feel like I am desperately trying to keep everything to do with him and not get it removed/ cleared up/ thrown away.

I cannot believe one week has gone, I thought it would be so slow, I have more to post about him (the dog) and photos.

thanks for all the nice cards and emails and everything from people :)

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