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*War* is just something to comfort American people with

Talking to a girl near NY a few days ago, She was under 16, and had lost some family in NYC.

bomb all Muslims
urmmm why? There is no proven evidence against Muslims or any Country or any Suspects.
you're a foreigner, you don't understand
If a bomb goes off in Ireland, is the whole Catholic Religion blamed?
she goes on about war etc cannot remember it exactly
If there is War, many more people will die on BOTH sides.

Just because I do not agree with war or revenge, does not mean I don't care. It's a horrific thing to happen and I am sorry for everyone, but it was a group of sick terrorists.

If you say in America you don't agree with war, then you are looked at as "not patriotic" and that is so sick!

War is a major word. This has already shown that the USA is not a super infallible country, no country is. War could destroy most of the country and end up like in movies and in Dark Angel where it's a 3rd World country.

Bush now says its a war against "terrorism", and he said it to comfort people.
Bush Jr is scary, he is like his father and seems to want to take the US into wars to show how strong it is. Like the ultimate power. He is almost a communist dictator

LA Time Story
Bush's Image Fails to Fill the Screen

....."Bush has seemed almost like a little boy at times--a kid with freckles wishing he were somewhere else--when instead a national anchorman was needed to speak believably with confidence about the state of the union during one of its darkest hours."

So So true, and a British MP said in Parliament a few days ago....

"Whilst firefighters, cops and many others risk their lives, the president is zig-zagging across America from nuclear bunker to bunker".

Racism has gone insane at the moment, I see all over the net messages about blacks/jews/arabs all sorts. It's horrid and it's really horrific that people are being attacked for being Muslim. In the UK, a children's Muslim school was attacked and had death threats.

My mum said yesterday that Bush better be 100% sure before starting bombing a country that they are guilty, or it could be really bad!

People behind this are sick, and should be brought to justice but not with revenge

Revenge does not satisfy you. Ask the people who watched Timothy McVeigh die. They wanted to be satisfied that justice had prevailed and now would forget it all. Not true, they felt even worse.

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