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Stalkers and Bitching, the Daniel John story now on E!

Many years ago I was on a "uk gay youth" mailing list (actually I am still on it and never read it anymore, just delete the emails lol doh), anyway there was a guy on it called Paul and we got into email contact off list.

Oneday he sent out quite a worrying email to everyone he knew en masse and it was a really depressing email and I thought it had tones of suicide to it. I got worried (I care about people way too much!) and decided to text his mobile phone number which he put in the signature line of all his emails (which is dodgy in its self). This was a big mistake for me!

He replied by text and said he was fine and not depressed and just had to leave the net, cos he was running up too much money! But he had my mobile number. For the next few months he literally stalked me and sent me various text messages and rang it several times! Unfortunately he always managed to speak to my parents on it for some odd reason. At the time they used to borrow mine, as it was the only phone in the house and now we have like two per person! lol

Anyway he was annoying, I didn't really like him and he was stalking me by text messages. Sending rude messages that if my parents saw, would out me, is bad! Although these days I don't care.

In the end he quit and not heard from him for months / years! But today I got a text saying "can I sleep with you?" from a unknown person. I said who are you? Thinking it was a friend who had got a new phone number and was messing around but it was him! ARGH

He sent me several more and wants to meet for sex! I am like no! ARGH! I refuse to change my mobile number.
I am too careless with my private details, but he is the only annoying person I have ever had stalking me, and I know its stalking when I dread getting messages from him, instead of being pleased. (ugh I pray azoth does not feel like that about my homosexual text spamming of his phone ;) )

My counsellor always tells me that I care too much about people and I shouldn't bother with most people online. Apart from some really old friends, most of them don't know anything about me and don't care what happens to me. He says the net is not reality, so everyone could be fake. Its true, but still I worry about people ;)

On to topic number 2! Some months ago, some friends of mine on lj stopping talking to me and removed me as one of their friends. I don't know why at all! I feel like "I didn't do anything to deserve it". Its like one minute exchanging stuff by post and the next total blanking and ignoring me on aim. I sent several hints, but my comments just get ignored on their journals. I think just ignoring someone is the worse thing you can do to someone.

I shouldn't really care, cos I guess they are losing out on my friendship, not me!, but I wanna know what the fuck is going on. Is it a misunderstanding?

Poll #167267 the confrontation poll

Should I confront the people and ask why the fuck are you blanking me?

yes get to the bottom of the matter!
no it happened years ago, get over it and move on!

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