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Heat Waves

I am still alive! just bad at posting ;)
It's so hot in the UK, you cannot do anything anymore without being totally covered in sweat and wanting to lay down and sleep! I reckon its gonna get hotter and hotter and colder and colder in the Winter and soon everyone will have AC in their homes, by like 2010! yey!

I was saying to my fabulous friend llaRich (NJ one, not the UK bitch / best friend) that there is a fabulous girl in all his photos, and it turns out she was already on my lj list! Its such a weird small world! killerfemmeMomo you are a truly fabulous diva darling!

My Top 5 randomly interesting links of the day!

o UK TV channel has brought 'Queer Eye for a Straight Guy' ~ most of my US friends seem to hate it, for being too gay stereotypical!

o Every question you have ever wanted to ask about Root Beer! ~ its even caffiene free!

o Blu Cantrell's Pussie ~warning this may contain content that is offensive to gay men. Blu and Root Beer links, kindly stolen from the 'bitch!

o It's now gonna cost me double to text my overseas pals! ~ Sorry ironmanjtJT are textual relationship is so over! or I will probably just keep texting around the world, and cry over the bills at a later date ;) I call it the Daniel way! (hey people like me fuel the economy!)

o The heatwave in the UK is never going to end!* ~ (*not known to actually last forever!) I am so annoyed, if its this hot, I at least want it to break all UK weather records by going over 99/100f! Please send all your air conditioning units /fans / big muscular men with fans / ice to my new charity to stop me fainting at :- PO BOX shoppingqueen industries inc , UK All donations welcome!

Now I go and shower and cool down ;)
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