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Hell Week

I have a really crappy week this week and may be insane by Saturday!

My Dr should have been visiting on Wednesday but came today. It was kindda depressing like assessing stuff. My Dr is really good though and when he first started seeing me he did not accept my illness was more than depression which is such a Victorian View. The thing that really annoys me however, is that my homeopathist has been suggesting to me that I slowly decrease my asthma medication and have been doing for like 12 months. Now I am on a VERY low dose, and was scared to tell my Dr about reducing stuff and he was like "good, glad you can access your own ability yourself". God I was on REALLY high strength years ago, and no one ever changed it or anything. If you feel bad, the dose is risen and never suggested to lower it.

My doctor's surgery is now 100% paperless, so if the hospital write a letter it is scanned in and put on my account. wow modern technology today.

I wanted tranquilsers,but he just suggested changing epilepsy and anxiety dosage (higher). but it was okay really.

I have a appointment in hospital on Thursday. I really don't want to go. I have done every single hospital thing known to man, and have ever test known to man. X-rays, CAT scans, endoscopy, ECG, everything. Nothing has ever shown anything. More and more illnesses we have today can not be detected or helped by hospitals, and their approach just seems to be to keep doing crap instead of admitting defeat.

I don't want the stress and crap of it, so probably will refuse to go.

I may be insane by Saturday with stress grrrr.

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