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the moment you've all be waiting for

Yes the posting of the nakkid video going around the net of Ben Afflick and J-LO ;)
nah my new hair photos!

They are put behind a lj-cut for everyones own safety (sanity)

front on look, and I am smiling!
side ways look, I hate my profile ugh
top look
back look
still smiling, kindda!
close up, with eyes
trying to take a pic for my webcam and looking insane :)
false smiles all round
looking a little depressed with it
current webcam image!

Will I ever get used to it? I dunno! I find it boring, you cannot do anything to it each day and also its loads more work. Well I think its gonna be. Before I could just wake up and now I will wake up with tufts of hair sticking up everywhere and spend 3 hours with gel sticking it down! I have been there done that!

I will come to love it, LOVE IT I say or buy a wig online! :)
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