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crack for kids

Society is so fucked up. We put our kids on drugs to calm them down and sedate them and remove their creativity, adults go on anti-depressants/tranquilisers etc for anxiety disorders/depression/stress etc! Millions of people are on drugs that sedate you/calm you down/change your negative brain patterns!

My prediction of the future is that everyone will be totally numbed out droids walking along with no emotions! and the pharmaceutical companies will be very very very rich! Just think of the profits of getting loads of people on drugs for as long as possible, oh wait thats happening now!

There was a discussion on The Wright Stuff today about kids with bad behaviour, do they get it from bad parents? Tonight on channel 4 is a tv show about a girl who had major behavioual problems. It turned out she did not have ADD or hyperactivity, but her parents were very aggressive in nature and this rubbed off on her.

In 1990 2,000 kids in the UK were on Ritalin (a drug once described as a "chemical kosh"). Now in the UK 254,000 are on it! How many of them are just a result of parents. Not saying they are bad parents, but maybe their behaviours rubbed off on the kids. Some kids really do have ADD/hyperactivity and the parents can do nothing really! My dad's godson has ADD and is not on drugs but controls it by diet. He is 8 years old or almost 8 now. If he has something with a lot of e numbers or coke etc etc he goes crazy and I mean it! He literally bounces off the ceiling and drives me insane. There is a total difference in his behaviour and his mother I think is a far better person for parenthood than perhaps mine were. (although mine were okay parents).

I do think there is a high percentage of kids put on ADD drugs and they are just bored really and not just hyperactive

On the Wright Stuff a parent phoned in and a school phoned her and told her to get her kid on Ritalin because of his behaviour. It turned out the teacher was not stimulating the kids enough and his creativity was not being fulfilled!

My dad's godson Matthew has the most amazing creativity and imagination ever! (although he goes on and on about dinosaurs and pokemon). He just needs to be entertained and its hard because he gets bored very quickly of one activity.

I still think in the future everyone will just be feed drugs not to think or feel! and I'm on high doses of anti depressants :)

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