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LJ friends I've....

Spoken to on the phone:- 11 - devoiddroid drunkgoth gorkerina ironmanjt nasal alectoerinyes odd_dog roaddolly secondprize snowyb whilst

Talked to live on webcam:- 9 - azoth babyty collegeboyfl devoiddroid drunkgoth halcyonpink secondprize tsai whoa_nelly

I have recieved things from in the post or sent them things (bombs, hard drugs, p0rn etc):- 15 - azoth devoiddroid drunkgoth firelove gorkerina ironmanjt jameth mewzik nasal alectoerinyes norae secondprize silver snowyb whist

Texted or received texts from on my mobile:- 8 - azoth caramia devoiddroid drunkgoth ironmanjt jameth silver tsai

Slept with:- currently 0 ;)

Met in real life:- 3 - devoiddroid (knew before lj, online) drunkgoth (real life fag hag/ best friend) roaddolly (knew before lj, online, lost touch now :( )

Would sleep with/ fantasise about:- everyone! I cannot choose out :)

I hate it when people make these things, cos if you're names not down (you're not coming in! lol) then you feel miserable and left out! I probably have accidentally left loads of people off. I made it cos I was bored and trying to avoid other things :)
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