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Rendez vu

I have been a awful live journaller but I am back! yey

devoiddroid aka as Rich came over last Friday and fixed my computer. I installed Windows XP over the top of everything and it now all works fine. Sadly I do have to install every program again but its cleaner and working now!

Also I really annoyingly lost every favourite and address book entry of mine, which had been going since 1997, when I first came online! I did not lose email though, but its annoying to lose contacts :(

I did not lose any p0rn or mp3's or personal files either, its the important things that matter! lol

So I have just been getting my computer back together.
I have been so behind with lj and friends.

Happy Belated Birthday to kingginger, secondprize, odd_dog and halcyonpink! I missed them and hope you all had good ones and lots of hugs and kisses from me (with tongues!)

I don't have any of the lj clients downloaded yet and can't be arsed to write out each persons name so just using lj cuts hehe.

Hope all my friends are doing well and shall be better :))

P.S ~ I love Win XP, I have not crashed really yet!
P.P.S ~ I only really got it to see transparency in chat windows and also remote desktop! I like to surf friends desktops (with their permission and password etc)

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