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lost computer

I had a really shit day on Monday and loads of stuff went wrong for me ugh. Unfortunately the worst thing of all is that my computer crashed or fucked up whilst installing some updated software.

I cannot get into Windows ME on it at all, it wont let me in safe mode even, just hangs before the windows logo screen :(

I just have wap on my phone and the internet on my dad's computer but its soooo slow! I always think my computer has no memory, but it takes like 10 mins to open internet explorer on this computer lol.

I am not sure what to do about my computer. I forgot that computer problems make me go insane and depressive. I guess its frustration.

I think I am gonna end up formatting the drive and reinstalling windows if I can :(

The only potentially good thing is that most of my mp3's and all my homepage and personal files and email are on my d:\ (the one I installed myself after Christmas!). I hope they are okay. If I have to format I will lose so much, and also personal stuff people have sent me on various messaging services and favourites :( why do I never back up to cdrom more? argh oh yeah I can never be arsed! grrr

I hope to get my computer back somehow and then get online more again ugh.

hope all my friend's weeks are going better :))
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