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buy buy buy! (ain't no selling in this house!)

My birthday is on Friday yey! I am 21! I have decided to stop counting years cos I am nearly getting as old as that sexy yet middle-aged ironmanjt ;) hehe I will be 24! argh I used to be 18! the age of 30 is scaring me so much, I am gonna need a full chemical peel and liposuction on my entire body before then just to handle it. obligitary Amazon wishlist reminder link

I had such a busy weekend! I am so sick of my crashing Nokia 5210 phone that its 12 months since I got it and I get a phone upgrade every 12 months, as long as I resign my contract (well my parents do). I went to my local Vodafone shop and said I want a phone with a colour screen and polyphonic ringtones and cool games and non crashing and they showed me loads of camera phones with multimedia messaging and stuff which freaked me out. (see previous post here about it)

Anyway I was kindda persuaded and got this phone below...

me and my new phone!
its a Sharp GX-10 and its still scary but I liked it. I keep downloading new expensive games though for it argh. eg Pac-man and Bubble Bobble

This is the picture from the phone, that I took in the webcam picture above, and also me and Rosie the cat (pussy)....

me from the phone!
me & the cat!

The picture is alright really. Just everything on the phone costs money or has charges, I have to be so careful! My old phone is gonna be repaired and I am gonna buy another network sim card and use it for cheap texting!

After phone buying fun (incidentally, I cannot believe I strayed from Nokia, but the latest picture/cam phone by them is so damn ugly! example here) I want for my birthday a good pair of sunglasses, not like my current crappy cheap-ish old ones!

We went to this shop I had never been in before and the shop assistant was so fucking gorgeous! He was like a GQ model and so good looking. Like with side-burns and perfect face! He had a accent and I could not work it out (cos I am crappy at accents, just like my quality geography ;)). So we tried on various sunglasses and it was cool cos he like stared at me right in front of me and made comments! (my dad sweetly says "he has a abnormally large head!" lol).I decided there was a pair of RayBurn sunglasses I liked. They are £81 ($129.45). My dad went outside to find my mother and put more money in the carpark where the car was and the guy fitted the glasses and cleaned them up. (he touched my hair, ooh daddy!). Anyway then he realised the pair on display had a crack (or 'fracture' is the technical term lol!) and they are currently ordering me in some. He was a cute guy, but maybe too perfect you know? My dad said afterwards that he thinks his accent is New Zealand or Australian. The good news is that I get to go back and pick them up and get them fitted, before my birthday! muhahaha

That's all the excitement in my life over the weekend :)

P.S~ the rumours that I wanted a new phone just for a Junior Senior ringtone are in fact true :)
P.P.S~ I was shocked about much "designer" frames and stuff were in the glasses shop! I guess I don't wear them for my vision so don't know the huge costs of just a frame with a brand name on ugh! My parents both wear glasses now

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